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Born 19th of April, 2014

Dam: Nordic Finnish, Norwegian Swedish and Nordic Champion Electra Del Corazoncito (black/white)

Hips: A/A  (all 7 siblings heathy)
Elbows A/A  (all 7 siblings heathy)
Eyes: free
PRA: Healthy B (carrier)
Thyroid: normal

Dilution: free DD

Mentality: excellent towards people, animals and situations.

Sire:  Multi Champion Eurowinner, World winner Rayaragua Billabong (import Spania, lives in Slovakia) Brown
HD: AA free
ED:AA free
Patella: free
PRA: A (Free)

Normal testicles
Mentalty: According to the owner: very easy going with people, animals and environment.

Be Aware av Milkcreek (Lukas)

Owner Kennel Milkcreek/Maija Heinilä

Hips: A


Eyes: screened clear

PRA: Carrier

Dilution: DD free

Shows: several CACIB from two countries, several group wins/placements. Fantastic temperament - I would not change anything in his way of being. never been sick. Most likely due to infection in the other testicle, the left testicle (which also normally is smaller for all dogs) is smaller than the other. This has not affected his fertility (6+7 puppies in two matings).

Lukas is what I want in perro - and I am very, very lucky to have him as my companion.



Back in a Flash av Milkcreek (Pepper)

Eier: Kine Fredheim (& Tim)

Hips: A

AA: 0


testicles perfect

Other:  Kink in the short tail. Loves people and tackes every situation. Can show dominance over other males but never fought. Castrated.

Blue Skies Ahead av Milkcreek (Nelly)

Owner: Arnhild Markestad/Maija Heinilä 

Hips: B

Elbows: A

Eyes: Screened clear

PRA: Carrier

Dilution: DD

Other: mild urinary tract infection as a puppy. I have travelled with Nelly all over central Europe - non-stressed, happy, open and lovely temperament.

Bright Side of Life av Milkcreek (Frida)

Owner: Ingrid and Tom Odongo/Maija Heinilä (on breeding contract)

Hips: AA

AA: 0


PRA: Carrier

Dilution DD

Happy go lucky mentality - just perfect in her way to be with people, dogs and situations.

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