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Nordic Ch. Be Aware av Milkcreek (Lukas) 

Born 19th of April, 2014

Mother: Nordic, FI, S, N Ch. Electra Del Corazoncito 
Hips: A/A (excellent). All 7 siblings healthy with A or B
Elbows: A/A Excellent. All 7 siblings healthy with A or B
Eyes: ECVO 2015 OK,
Gene test for PRA: B; Carrier
Thyroid: normal T4, TSH, Tgaa  (August 2016)

Father/Sire: World winner 15, Eurowinner 15, JWW 14, Multi Champion Rayaragua Billabong (import Spania, lives in Slovakia) Brown
Hips:AA Excellent
Elbows: AA Excellent
Patella: free, PRA: A (Healthy, non-carrier)

Normal testicles


HD: A, free

AA/Elbows: A, free

Dilution: free of dilution gene

PRA: Bærer/carrier

Eyes ECVO healthy,free May 2015, jan 2018

Fantastic temperament - I would not change anything in his way of being!! Never been sick. All his siblings are healthy and with open and friendly temperaments.

Most likely due to infection in the other testicle, the left testicle (which also normally is smaller for all dogs) is smaller than the other. This has not affected his fertility (6+7 puppies in two matings). His progenity has no abnormalities in testicles, neither does his father/grandfathers.
Lukas is what I want in perro - and I am very, very lucky to have him as my companion.

Lukas is very sparsely used in breeding in order to prevent narrowing of the small gene pool in Norway.

Black Diamond av Milkcreek (Pancho)

Owner: Justine Diaz (some breeding rights: Maija Heinilä)

Born 24th of May, 2015

Mother: Nordic, Fi, S, N, Ch. Electra del Corazoncito

Sire: Rustico de la Dehesa Jerezana

More info here: http://jalostus.kennelliitto.fi/frmKoira.aspx?RekNo=SE13165/2013&R=336

and here: http://tasseriet.com/rustico.php


Hips: A/B

Elbows: 0

Eyes ECVO: clear but with a mild case of distiachiasis 

PRA: Free A

Dilution: Free DD


Together with Heidi Kurki and Roar Skoli:

De La Enna Tomatito "Curro"  

(WW 15 Loca De Aronagua / JCH Rock`n Roll De Aronagua)
Breeder: Jose Duval

9 months in the picture





PRA: free





Co-owned by Vibeke Sørhaug and Roar Skoli:

Napoleon Vom Hause Kristo "Napoleon"  

Breeder: Christophe Ressauyre, France

10 months old in the picture, with puppy coat





PRA: fri


Naturlig stump




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