I have always been interested in Spanish Water Dog - such a keen and intelligent breed! They seemed to live long, active lives. They don't shed coat and demand little maintenance as far the coat is concerned. They demand, though, activities where they can use both their minds and their agile bodies. The breed has a nice "on-andoff-button" which makes them wonderful companions for active owners.

Henna Rautiainen (Kennel Corazoncito) took a anatomy and genetics course I was a lecturer at, and as a joke I told her that if she ever breeds a black and white short tail bitch, she should contact me...and lo and behold, just two weeks afterwards she called me. Sookie was born! Of course I don't buy dogs at a whim and I did my homework on Sookies pedigree. I visited her father; N SE Ch. Zorrazo Big Mac and I found him very nice both in conformation and temperament. Her mother, N Ch.Tasseriet Blessing av Niebla, is a mellow, well-constructed and balanced bitch. I dug deeper into the pedigree, and found healthy ancestors with adequate health information on both sides. Henna had done a great job in combining excellent types and good health.

I was very lucky to have Sookie (Electra del Corazoncito) in our lives. She has been a great puppy showing no fear for anything. Thank you, Henna, for trusting this puppy in my care.

I am now authorized as a judge for Spanish Water Dog. During this process I had a great pleasure to be instructed by Heidi Kurki (Kennel Aquagruaz, Finland). I got to inspect many champions and learned a lot.   I have since visited word famous breeders and judges in Spain as well.

Above. My judge mentor, fellow lecturer and great friend, Mrs. Wenche Eikeseth and I inspecting little Sookie's littermates at 8 weeks. Picture: Henna Rautiainen

Below: visiting kennel Aquagruaz (Heidi Kurki, Finland)

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