Ch. Nick O'Time av Milkcreek


Titles: Norwegian Champion, Norwegian Winner '00, '03, Brussel Winner 03

Owner: Maija Heinilä

Hips: A

Elbows: A

Mentality test: Passed

Dead at 10 years old but due to causes NOT related to health or mentality.

Never sick. The most athletic dog I have ever owned. As long as her sister Int. Ch. Noble Nocturne av Milkcreek was winning big in the rings (the Most Winning Bernese Female in Norway many times, plus BOB many times over in the main speciality) I did't show her. She had enormous stride and a bubbly personality. She could be a little reserved with strangers, though. While just a puppy, her eyes were damaged by mal practice by a vet (used etching liquid in her eyes to treat an infection) so her vision was a little impaired.

Her siblings included: USA Ch Shalimar av Milkcreek (Best of winners in USA Specialty), Int. Ch. and the Most winning Bernese in Norway twice Noble Nocturne av Milkcreek, Ch. Newton av Milkcreek, Nordic Ch. and Most winning Bernese in Norway Need Ya Badly av Milkcreek, Int. Ch. and Clubwinner twice Siktor the Showmaker av Milkcreek, N Ch. Such Class av Milkcreek.


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