Ch. Indian Summer av Milkcreek


Titles: Norwegian Champion and Nordic Winner '98.

Owner: Maija Heinilä

Hips: A

Elbows: A

Mentality test: Passed

Died at 8 years of bone cancer

She was the most beautiful bernese I have ever owned. She won the Best In Show in the 10-year jubilee show in Norway with over 250 entries from many countries. The judges were Mr. and Mrs. Schweitzer from Switzerland.

She also was the Most Winning Bernese in Norway in 1996 and 1998.

She was very quiet, easy going bernese. Her only two puppies became the Most Winning Bernese in Norway many times over (N S Key to My Heart av Milkcreek & Multi winner, Multi Champion Min Vesle-Frikk av Milkcreek).

Maija and Misty winning BIS Norwegian BMD club's 10th year Jubilee- judge: Katarina Sweitzer


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