Norwegian Kennel Club's Breeders Award

Kennel Milkcreek was awarded Norwegian Kennel Clubs Breeders Award for Outstanding Breeding in 2011 as the first BMD kennel in history.

I am so grateful for the honor, and feel indebted to so many for this honor. Among these are:

  • My puppy buyers who have shown my dogs and who have always taken all the health tests required
  • The old and knowledgeable breeders who have generously taught me about the breed - such as Kennel Tiroheimen and Liv Flathus and  Mrs. Martha Cehrs in Switzerland.
  • The breeders whose lines I have been able to "borrow" - it takes two to tango!
  • The owners of the males I have used in breeding
  • The Norwegian BMD Club has always provided me with the information on the lines i wished to use
  • The Norwegian Kennel Club who has given me opportunities to learn via judges education and via the courses I have been asked to teach
  • My family who has tirelessly helped me with socializing the puppies
  • etc.

My heartfelt thanks to you all  - without you, no success!

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